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We offer the first professional program for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers!


The Institute for Arabic Language Education for Non-Native Speakers in a professional way

We are a team of educators and digital technology experts who have a huge experience in teaching arabic in a moden and professional way

Our Program

Blended Learning Experience

Online Learning Portal

You'll get an access to our online portal focused on helping you practise all linguistic skills powered by our automatic audio recognition engine.

Interactive In-class Learning

With our method you'll get academic guidance from professional teachers who encourage interaction with learners using face-to-face teaching.

Mixed Educational Materials

We offer a huge content library and question banks. These materials will be used in both face-to-face and available on our online portal for you to practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a blended learning experience to learners which is a style of education in which learners should attend a class for face-to-face learning in addition to accessing an online learning portal.

Currently we have an office in Benninkburg 101, 7511 MC Enschede, Netherlands. We plan to open a new branch in Germany soon.

Currently we have two courses A0 and A1.

Yes, we offer a placement test for free.

Anyone who want to learn Arabic from all nationalities. From the age 5 years.

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