About us

A specialized institute for the teaching of the Arabic language for native speakers of the Arab and Islamic community in Europe and other nationalities through a traditional method.
Unique of its kind depends on three axes (teacher 20% – website 40% – mobile application 40%) we have developed a creative idea tested with group of students and the results were amazing
– Depends on the focus on basic skills in learning languages _ hearing, speaking, reading and writing _ based on daily photo talks in the form of television films
– the first in the level of Arabic language education _ in a professional manner. Aiming at the ease and speed of learning Arabic.
By focusing on the preservation and understanding of the most common use.

With many diverse and interactive exercises that motivate the learner and push him to learn the language with love. With a lot of challenge and interesting competitions. You will never tire with Loga-Core.

In addition to the active practice in classroom lessons and daily follow-up through the teacher and the various applications.

In 2019 in the Netherlands Loga-Core is establised. Even though we are modernized but we have done studies and analysis of all the programs available in the world. We have taken advantage of the advantages of foreign programs in learning languages and try to avoid the disadvantages and mistakes of these programs.

Based on our deep belief in the importance of competence and professionalism, we have contracted with the best curriculum developers to learn Arabic:

  • Dr. Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Ali, has been awarded several times in the Arabic language school and has more than 10 books in it.
  • Professor Sufi Fathi, one of the most famous Arabic language teachers in the world, is a teacher at the University of 29 May in Turkey.

We ensure that our students in only six levels can speak Arabic fluently and understand 100% of what is going on around it, 85% of the books of heritage.


Our mission is to facilitate the teaching of Arabic to other speakers. Using the most modern means of education, to achieve the highest international standards in teaching languages in a professional manner that is remotely neutral to religion and politics.

Why us

  • The increasing demand for Arabic language learning by other speakers for a variety of reasons (ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic, social, political, etc.)
  • The Arabic language course for non-Arabic speakers is free of electronic programs, similar to other languages, especially English.
    And German – combines self-learning with interactive learning. According to a well-thought-out vision from the early stages
    And ends up at advanced levels.
  • The scarcity of Arabic language teachers for other speakers in Europe. If they find it, they need to learn the new way of learning and the use of computers and mobile phones in the speed of learning Arabic.
  • The direction of education in Europe to self-reliance on self. And the spread of electronic devices between hands
    Which resulted in European schools and universities to devise curricula to suit the needs of the age, while the vast majority of Arabic language schools still continue to use the old method of education.

General factors

  • To adopt a new technique (still within the current test circuit) that aims to obtain fast successful results.
  • Paying attention to common words and more frequent words on tongues, with the aim of quick access to take care of the personal patterns of each student.
  • Attract learner’s attention by relying on live conversations – from the core of the living reality – and enrich it through synonyms and inverse.
  • Simplifying the rules of grammar and sufficiency for what is necessary for the student only, without addressing the complex drainage, which blocks the student from the speed of learning Arabic.
  • Dependence on the common European framework of languages, selection of subjects in each unit, and gradation from easy to harder.
  • Compliance with standards of language applications on electronic programs.
  • The principle of gradation in language learning and taking into account the level of content, in order to suit the level of knowledge of learners.
  • Increase and diversify the training so that we can guarantee the student’s knowledge of the most important vocabulary and sentences that he needs in his daily life.
  • Pay attention to the motivation and stimulate the love of learning by the learner through the words of encouragement and competition challenge and raise the love of excellence and excellence.
  • Enhancing and confirming the role of the learner and being the focus of the learning process through self-learning and interactive, and the role of the teacher through guidance and distance assistance.
  • Attention to the cultural aspect of the Arabic language, and linking the learner to the Arab culture for easy understanding and love.
  • A strict, rigorous and professional internal system with the aim of producing highly efficient batches that serve the objectives of the program.
  • Raise the advantages of all existing programs in the Arab and international arena, and try to reduce the mistakes of language, methodology and programming in each.
  • Adopting the best curriculum developers for non-Arabic language speakers, as well as programming, design and television programming professionals.


  • Reach graduate students to the level of daily conversations in a measured and contented manner.
  • Preserving the Arab and Islamic identity in the migratory communities, especially among the third generation
    Emphasis on the importance of Andaman in these societies and contribute to the building of humanity.
  • Trying to reduce the dependence on the teacher in the educational process of the above mentioned in the program
    Of the paucity of Arabic language teachers as well as non-Arabic language teachers.
  • To find a program whose results are guaranteed based on the scientific and programming sciences.
  • Meeting the needs of the Arab and Islamic communities in Europe, as part of an advanced program in which there is a lot of motivation
    And coordination.